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Our service gives you one less thing to worry about when you are traveling in Los Angeles. The most comfortable Chevrolet Suburban cars with benign drivers will make your trip easier and cheerful.The crazy prices will suite every one of you.


In your traveling life you will need to plunge into the confused universe of rental vehicles, regardless of whether you are taking off on an epic excursion, going to business meeting, or just escaping the city for a long end of the week. It is where a great deal of research and arrangement exploring is required to get the best rate and guarantee that you and your rental are secured while out and about.


Choose a suitable variety for your trip in Los Angeles. Whether you are looking for space or comfort and style you are sure to find perfect rental car no matter whether you are going. Our luxury and comfortable cars will make your trip more precious and secured.


Our Chevrolet Suburban cars offer plenty of flexibility with seating capacity, power and luggage room. Whether you are going on weekend family trip or exploring the cityside we are sure to have the ideal Chevrolet for your needs.

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Enter the destination, time and date of travel to receive an almost instantaneously confirmation of your booking. Our user-friendly booking portal with a multi-currency option makes renting a car extremely easy and quick.

Tariff 1


Price from each City to LAX (International Airport).

Minimum price $90 for Sedan

Minimum price $120 for SUV

Tariff 2

Per hour

An hour. Based on clients check mark selection use only hourly rate

One hour price $65 for Sedan

Minimum price $130 for Sedan

One hour price $80 for SUV

Minimum price $160 for SUV

Tariff 3

Per mile

Per mile, this will be calculate form pickup location to drop off

One mile price $2.1 for Sedan

Minimum $50 plus each mile $2.1 for Sedan

One mile price $3 for SUV

Minimum $60 plus each mile $3.0 for SUV